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Managing social media accounts with paid ads - WeOryx

Managing social media accounts with paid advertising starts at 4350 SAR monthly.

  • Creating a marketing plan and conducting competitor analysis and a current situation analysis for the platforms, followed by devising a new plan based on the analysis.
  • Rebranding the pages, including redesigning the Profile and Cover.
  • Setting up dedicated accounts for the project if none exist.
  • Choosing a unique selling proposition and utilizing it as a hashtag for differentiation.

  • Implementing various and appropriate designs for your activity.
  • Posting initially at different times to determine the best times for the target audience.
  • Diversifying content from text to GIFs, and short videos.
  • Following up with clients and sending welcome messages, responding with customer service team contact details for more detailed communication.

  • Using active hashtags daily to increase engagement with promotions and discounts relevant to your business, selecting appropriate hashtags for your services, and publishing them on social media platforms.
  • Including the website link, if available, in the posts to increase website traffic.
  • Sending a report on the results of using social media platforms with the new strategy and the changes that have been made.
  • Executing paid advertising campaigns on various social media platforms available.

  • Managing these advertising campaigns monthly and regularly.
  • Conducting comprehensive research on the client’s business nature, their products, and their customers to reach the best options for content before starting the advertising campaign.
  • Writing appropriate content based on the research results to reach the largest possible number of potential customers.
  • Continuously and effectively working on renewing and adding to the content.

  • Working on targeting specific campaigns and continuously updating and changing the targeted demographics.
  • Monitoring results to reach the best content that interests followers.
  • Creating professional designs suitable for your business area by WeOryx design team using all the latest tools and software.
  • Our designs are continuously and permanently updated, and they are reviewed to ensure they meet our clients’ needs.
  • Focusing on innovative ideas and using carefully crafted color schemes to be an attraction factor.

You can now manage your own social media accounts monthly with paid advertising with a marketing package starting from 1500 SAR.

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