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    Business identity Design

    Business identity is about branding your company and establishing your brand in the minds of your audience so that a strong relationship between you and them makes them remember you as soon as someone mentions your product. International companies spend a lot of money to design a strong business identity to achieve those goals. The brand is entrenched in the mind of everyone who thinks of your service or product. That is why business identity is the basis of any project and an important step that needs to be considered well before starting to establish your entity and your organization.

    Features of design for your company’s business identity

    • We study your audience in detail to address their motivational factors, level of culture and standard of living to work on the design of your business identity to suit their tastes.

    • We design your business identity logo with your exclusive designs that are not quoted or imitated and with modern colors to create the mental image of your audience that distinguishes you from the rest of your competition.

    • We study your products and determine their competitive advantage to highlight them in your business identity to deliver a message to your audience that adds a value to your products.

    • Create your own business identity to be able to use it in your various marketing tools from office supplies (business cards, brochures, flyers, books, web sites, postings, promotional gifts, official papers – mobility means – uniform for staff – roll ups- CDs).

    The benefits of business identity for your company

    • Your business identity makes your company famous in the market full of many young and giant companies and makes you stand out from your competitors.
    • Business identity highlights your abilities, shows professionalism of your business, and demonstrates the professionalism of your performance to earn you the confidence of your audience.
    • The business identity of your company attracts many customers and thus you’ll have a mental relationship with them. Statistics show that 60% of consumers prefer to shop from the business identities they already know.
    • Your business identity makes your company famous among people that would speak, on your behalf, about the advantages of your business to your customers, even in your absence, as consumers understand the visual information of your business identity more than they understand your written information.

    WeOryx is one of the most prominent companies in the Arab world that is working in the field of designing business identity for its customers. It offers its customers a selection of the best designers, who have been working in the field of identity design for decades with great marketing expertise that reflects their unique and innovative identity design that establishes your identity in the minds of your audience.

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