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    Mobile App Development

    Mobile phone marketing is a form of modern marketing that has recently begun to rely on the size of smart phones in our lives. Therefore, attention is focused on these applications because they became the fastest way to reach customers anytime and anywhere and interact with them directly. Because marketing in the modern world is the nerve controlling the movement of sales and purchase, as well as the movement of business and economic, in general, for any organization, the development of marketing tools is a weapon of high effectiveness in order to achieve the objectives of any organization and reach the target customers and keep in touch with existing customers.

    The success of using applications for marketing depends on :

    • The idea of application design

    It is the basic idea on which the application is based and which is determined by each organization, its objectives and the target customers.

    • Application content

    The content of the application, whether it is the services provided by the organization the customers search for and the information they care about, as well as their interaction with it. It also includes the format in which this content is coordinated to be provided to customers in an attractive way and easy to deal with.

    • Uploading the app to smart app stores

    This is one of the most important steps on the success of using the application for marketing because it is the focal point between the organization and customers.

    • Marketing application

    This step is the most important step on the top of these steps and depends on the actual success of the application, because it includes how the application is presented to customers and how important it is for them and how to benefit from and deal with it.

    Importance of owning a phone application

    With a large proportion that uses smart phones, the presence of a special application for your company is very important. The application contributes to increasing sales and attracting new customers to your company in order to easily increase your market share, compared to that of your competitors.
    Application marketing is targeting people interested in your business to increase the application uploads and increase your business reach.

    In WeOryx, we offer design and programming services for smart phones, Android and iPhone applications with the best quality and the most suitable prices for your business, with the emphasis on continuous updating to ensure the success of the application after being uploaded to Google Store or App Store.

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