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Welcome to WeOryx . we are excited to offer you our online digital services, including digital marketing, website designs, implementation of mobile applications and other services.Below we list the terms and conditions that apply to you and anyone who uses WeOryx website or visits it.Therefore before registering on our website www.WeOryx.com or using any of the contents of the website (all contents and pages within the scope of WeOryx Website / online code), including access to any of our electronic services–please read these Terms and Conditions as they are necessary for the protection of both of us as they are agreements (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Agreements”) between you and WeOryx . Therefore, by using the website you accept and agree to be legally bound by these agreements, whether you are a user registered on the Website or not.
We understand that legal terms can be exhausting in reading, so we tried to make the experience more fun. Thank you for choosing to use our services.
• Online Code of Conduct

• Contracts, payments and agreements
• The common system of financial payments concerning programming works is that programming works start after payment / transfer of 50% of the value of the amounts herein and the remaining 50% is paid / transferred as a final payment of the amount of the contract before uploading the website. In a maximum of 10 days after the completion of the final version and in case of failure to meet the deadline of payment of the final payment, the user will remove / block the website from the link of the preview of WeOryx and to address the second party by e-mail or by any means deemed appropriate and available an additional 7 days, then WeOryx is entitled to terminate the contract, and has the entitlement of project ownership (the website) herein as it deems appropriate.
• The common system of financial payments for marketing and design work is to start work after the payment / transfer of 100% of the value of the amounts herein.
• 10% of any refunds will be deducted after the transfer and before the commencement of the work related to the refund. In case of actual commencement, the amounts paid will not be refunded.
• The duration of execution of the contracts does not include vacations and public holidays, nor the time required for inspections and waiting for approvals from the client regarding the designs and reviews of the work being carried out, and the execution period starts from the following working day to transfer the initial payment of the contract amount.
• Trademarks

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