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    S.E.O Optimization - WeOryx

    Preparing websites for search engines

    Do you want to keep your website published on the web, keep it sustainable?
    Do you want to increase your sales and always appear to you customers in the front pages of search engine results?
    Here is the solution… SEO works to help entrepreneurs promote and sell their services and products through their websites.

    The most important features of the SEO

    An effective way to attract many visitors along with the speed of customer access as well as recruit target categories towards the products, using keywords.

    Helping the website in archiving and be in the first search results.

    Helping to categorize the website as well as the content provided by the website.

    Achieving the highest return from investment and gaining more profits.

    Preparing search engine websites depends on several points:

    • Preparing appropriate keywords for the website content in order to have quick access and display all the content of your website.
    • Continuous work to improve your website in order to meet the needs of the customers targeted by the website.
    • Continuous update of the website content and making it constantly renewed, thus maintaining customer trust and keeping the website in order.
    • Choosing the keywords relating to the content helps you reach the website ranking to be in the first search results.
    • The SEO makes the website a strong competitor with other websites.
    • It is necessary to study the target audience and to know the requirements that result in providing the content he is interested in, which helps in reaching the preliminary results.

    WeOryx is one of the leading companies in the Arab world in the field of optimizing websites for search engines results, providing its customers with a selection of the best content creators who have many years of experience.

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    In order for your website content to top the results pages, it should include:

    1. A high-quality content.
    2. Studying the contents of the competing websites and working on writing more sophisticated and effective contents.
    3. The steps of creating the content have to be done properly, starting from the content idea to the content itself and finally publication.
    4. The content has to be more innovative and not copied.
    5. The content has to provide a genuine service that benefits customers.

    The main objectives of creating websites for search engines for entrepreneurs

    1- Get the target customer.
    2- Branding your website’s trademark.
    3- Increasing the sales because of the target audience’s knowledge of the service and products provided by the website.
    4- In addition, it is an effective way to get targeted audiences in a way less expensive compared to other expensive ways such as ads and other ways.
    5- Depending on the quality of the content you provide to the customer, this will lead to the building of customer trust and maintaining them and their permanent visit to your website.

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