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    Marketing Content

    Marketing content is an effective marketing tool that helps create more friendly relationships with potential users, because it bypasses explicit and direct advertising methods and directs users to purchase products or services indirectly. Images on social media are within marketing content, as well as videos and info graphics, even articles published on social media platforms and various websites.

    Types of marketing content


    It is a marketing content that contains information about a specific topic, 300 words or more, which explains all the information about this topic.

    Visual Content

    It is one of the types of marketing content, through which it is easy to communicate your information to the target group, just by looking at such images as tips and quotations.

    Info Graphics

    It is a marketing content that includes an image that expresses the content information you provide in a graphic format that helps people know all the information about a particular topic.

    Marketing Videos

    Videos are one of the strongest types of marketing content in building customer relationship for easy and fast access to information.


    It is one of the types of marketing content, which is represented in a small brochure that contains specific information about a particular field that is provided to the target customer. It is deeper than the articles and can be downloaded in a PDF format.


    It is one of the interesting short-term commercial content types, which is similar to videos, and which illustrates the idea in a second or two.

    The main advantages of creating a marketing content for your services and products

    • Attracting many people and followers to your business.
    • The loyalty of the target group to your services and products and the continuity of following you by people.
    • Building a distinctive brand with a different content.
    • Ranking your website and staying in the search engines.
    • Increasing sales .
    • Increasing your target audience’s awareness of your business .

    WeOryx is one of the most prominent companies in the Arab world, which works in the field of creating marketing content, providing its customers with a selection of the best content makers who have many years of experience.

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    The advantages of dealing with WeOryx to create advertising campaigns

    1. 100% exclusive marketing content ensures you appear on top search engines.
    2. An interactive marketing content that attracts the attention of different audiences and motivates them to buy your services or products.
    3. A marketing content that ensures you have a long-term relationship with your audience, which constitutes strong loyalty to your brand.
    4. A marketing content that increases the spread and awareness of the different segments of your target audience with your brand, which increase your sales.
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