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    Marketing on social media websites.

    Marketing through social media sites is a major reason to reach customers and target groups. It is one of the most important ways to reach potential customers through different social media platforms. When doing a project on social media sites, you can reach the target group of the product or the service you want to promote. Not only that but you will identify age groups and places, as well as the language appropriate to them. Moreover, this type of marketing saves time and effort and lets you access to the potential audience who benefit from the services or products that are provided through your project.

    For marketing for your organization and the success thereof, we develop a marketing plan when you start your business. This plan contains the following:

    Analyzing the current status of accounts for your business.

    Analyzing competitors to create a competitive advantage for your organization.

    Setting goals and methods to achieve them throughout the month, after analyzing the current status of accounts and analyzing competitors.

    Ways to achieve the objectives of a successful marketing plan for your project:

    1) Managing accounts to follow up and communicate with customers constantly through replying to messages and comments.
    2) Creating the right content for followers to increase interaction.
    3) Making creative designs that suit the idea of content.
    4) Adding the logo permanently in the designs to build a distinctive brand.
    5) Follow-up of people interested in your business.
    6) Sending a welcome message to all followers.
    7) Using active hashtags to increase proliferation and interaction.
    8) Placing your site’s link and contact information in your content to increase customer and sales.
    9) Reporting the results of each month, as well as the changes made.

    Why choosing marketing on social media?

    1-Because more than 100 million viewers use YouTube daily.
    2-There are more than 350 million users in the United States.
    3-Twitter includes about 10 billion twitter.
    4-The groups most using Facebook are of ages 35:54.
    5-They allow the participation of multimedia through social media platforms.
    6-They help to understand your followers and your audience and what they care about, and this by reporting the proportion of views for every post.
    7-They help to target the specific category you want because they offer multiple tools to help you.
    8-Through social media sites, new categories of people can be easily reached from different directions.
    9-They let you know the results of what you do, if you love singing but do not admire anyone you, then you will see that through the sites easily.
    10-They let you promote the best for different sites. If you own your own site, you can easily view content and increase the number of visitors.

    The impact of social media on your organization

    • Social media can create a very high awareness of the brand of the project.
    • It is a very important source of marketing goods, services and even ideas, because it contains billions of people interested in different fields.
    • Social media is an excellent way to market products based on content.
    • These media are a excellent channel and link for customer service, because most companies have their own pages and any customer can log into and write his opinion or request a specific service or product.
    • Social media are one of the means by which an organization can create the desire for the members to buy. There is also the opportunity to sell on social media and not only promote for your product.
    • These sites serve as effective means of communication with existing customers and maintaining them as permanent customers.

    Marketing through social media sites is an important tool to market and display your products or services and share the content you offer to all the categories you want to access. It is one of the most efficient and effective platforms to create a good relationship with customers.

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    The importance of marketing through social media sites

    1. Appearing with a professional interface.
    2. Increased sales and profits of the project.
    3. Online presence on a continuous basis.
    4. Turning those of concern to the project into customers and beneficiaries.
    5. The spread of the project on a large scale.
    6. Attracting many customers and developing your business activity.
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