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    E-mail Marketing - WeOryx

    Marketing Via e-mail

    There is no doubt that you have seen in your email those wonderful and attractive marketing messages that push you to buy a product or subscribe to a certain service. These emails are called e-mail marketing, which is one of the oldest and best online marketing strategies. It is one of the most important weapon in email marketing. We use to reach customers specifically and directly so it is the second most effective means of marketing online after the electronic marketing by search engines.

    Advantages of email Marketing

    Through email marketing you can reach the target group easily and quickly, because it allows you to address them in particular and access to their personal space.

    Staying in touch with your purchasing base and maintaining and interacting with your existing customers and knowing their needs and comments.

    Determining the effectiveness of the marketing campaign used by the feedback received through these e-mails and interaction with them through the proportion of those who opened the email of the total recipients thereof and the number of those who clicked on the link in the message.

    There are many forms of e-mail marketing campaigns, each of which achieves specific goal for the target group, Such as a welcome message to new subscribers with valuable information about your business:

    • A welcome message to new subscribers that contains valuable information about your business, as well as requesting the key information of subscribers to be classified in the appropriate category for future marketing.
    • Submitting advertisements for products or services, a bulletin on company news and /or products, or obtaining a voucher etc.
    • At the bottom of each mailbox, there is information about your company, which gives customers the opportunity to know your business and subscribe to the mailing list.
    • Motivation programs, that give subscribers a promotional code, allow you to aggregate discounts that you can use when making purchases, which increases the effectiveness of your campaigns and monitors what your subscribers are interested in.

    If your business is B2B or B2C, you can request email marketing service, send marketing emails to your audience with attractive content and design at the time your customers prefer. You can compile a list of targeted customers by adding subscription service to the mailing list as well as marketing on social networking sites and making a SEO for your site to increase the number of visitors to the site.

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    Importance of using email marketing for your organization

    1. Offering different promotions at any time.
    2. Speed communication with customers.
    3. Building a distinctive brand.
    4. Customer loyalty and satisfaction for your organization.
    5. Participation of events on a continuous basis.
    6. Attracting new customers and increasing sales.
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