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    Advertising Campaigns - WeOryx

    Paid ad campaigns

    There are a number of tools and means used in the field of digital marketing. Paid ads campaigns are considered one of the most important of these means, which use many of the sites and search engines and platforms to spread the paid ads, in order to reach the largest possible number of the target audience.
    Paid campaigns are one of the fastest ways to advertise and increase online sales and it is the best solution to show the accuracy of the results, which allows you to accurately reach your target customers, through your site or product,
    We can develop marketing messages, offers and interactive discounts in order to increase interaction, using words that users are always searching with online.

    Types of ad campaigns

    1-Advertising of social media Platforms

    Through advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms to reach the largest number of people interested in your company and communicate with them and increase the number of sales.

    2-Advertising of websites

    By doing various advertising campaigns such as SEO, PPC, which increase the number of visitors to your website, build your customer confidence, and keep your site ranking in the first results of search engines

    3-Advertising of your company

    Through email marketing and your database to market your services and products, communicate with them and send out promotional offers that will help you acquire new customers.

    The advantages of dealing with WeOryx to manage advertising campaigns

    • Examining the product or service that will be promoted in the advertising campaign paid to the audience carefully.
    • Preparing an e-marketing plan to market your services and products to your audience to ensure the success of the advertising campaign.
    • Identifying the target audience in the advertising campaign and their identity, dividing them and knowledge of their different interests and behavior in what is known as the study of consumers.
    • Identifying the right way to spread your multiple ads in your ad campaign to reach your target audience and where they are (search engines, social media platforms, etc.)
    • Choosing the best keywords for your advertising campaign targeted by the largest audience interested in your products or services.
    • Identifying the right time for your ad to appear on different sites and platforms within the e-marketing campaign.
    • Designing images and videos accurately and professionally, which helps attract customers, ensure their interaction and motivate them to communicate with you and buy the services and products, in a way that ensures the best results for the advertising campaign.
    • Determining the right budget for your advertising campaign and working on getting the best results at the lowest cost.
    • Providing statistics and reports to the paid advertising campaign periodically.
    • Following up the ad campaign on a continuous basis to work on improving the results on a going basis and identifying the weaknesses in the campaign and work on avoiding them, as well as identifying the strengths and developing them and benefiting therefrom.

    If you are a businessperson, do not let your competitors decrease your market share by managing paid advertising campaigns to promote their services and products. Join our clients list and request Paid Ads campaign service.

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