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Al-Ahly Club official website

Provided Services : Web Development, Web Design

Al-Ahly is a website that reports all what is related with Al-Ahly’s members and fans, as it is considered to be the Century Club in Africa and one of the largest clubs in the Middle East and the world.
Al-Ahly has developed its own website through WeOryx for Digital Marketing and Web Design and Development, adding the latest interactive technology and content management system.

Website features: –
• A page for Club heads and all their information to be acquainted with.A page for club heads and all their information to know them.
• The club’s founding page and the beginning of its birth and the reason for its nomination as the Century Club.
• A page for the Club championships in previous periods and the number of points recorded in each match
• Keeping pace with what is new through the newsletter by sending your email thereto.
• A card for the fans of Tersana “ Al-Shawakeesh” Club for attending matches and you can register and get such a card.

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